Accurate and extensive

Proven Success

Leveraging our extensive experience, we deliver innovative and practical solutions that achieve sustainable performance improvement. We have successfully delivered inspection solutions with production intelligence for over three decades. Today, thousands of AccuSentry Inspection systems are operating 24/7 in manufacturing facilities all over the world.

 Proven Methodology

Before we offer a solution, we first seek to understand our customers' immediate needs, issues, and challenges. By listening and gaining understanding of our customers' specific manufacturing process, we provide solutions that deliver an immediate positive impact to production performance . We deliver solutions that meet our customers' true needs.

Powerful and Versatile

Our systems are designed to meet challenging inspection needs in diverse manufacturing environments.  We recognize that each customer is unique and that our systems must be customizable to meet each customer's specific requirements. AccuSentry Systems provide powerful and versatile platforms for manufacturers to solve very demanding and challenging applications.

Quick ROI

With our proven methodology, we have successfully helped our customers optimize their production performance.  Our customers typically achieve a quick Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months. We help our customers improve quality and simultaneously increase production output.


Accurate and extensive

The AccuSentry Vision System enables us to inspect accurately a huge amount of criteria at a very fast pace with minimal waste. The Sentry 9000 Software is well designed and very powerful. I feel comfortable customizing our programs for new products as our company grows. If I have a question related to programming or software. I know I can count on the AccuSentry engineers to answer them in details.

-Rene Roy, Irving Personal Care-