Adult Incontinence Inspection Solution

Powerful Defect Detection with Built In Process Improvement

AccuSentry helps Adult Incontinence, Adult Diaper, and Adult Pant manufacturers improve their quality control and increase production efficiency via our SentryDash and Sentry 9000 camera technologies. Sentrydash helps you run your machine at higher performance levels with an easy-to-understand dashboard based on six sigma methodologies. Sentry 9000 is our machine vision inspection software which accurately inspects each product inline. Together, SentryDash and Sentry 9000 help everyone from the operator to the plant manager understand key product measurements and use them to control the process, leading to increased quality, increased efficiency, and reduced waste. For many of our customers, efficiency has increased by more than 5% and waste has declined by at least 0.5%!

Inspection Images


Main Inspection Points

  • Core - Position, Integrity, Holes, Folding, Contamination
  • ADL - Position, Length, Folding, Contamination
  • Ears - Position, Width, Cut Length, Folding, Cut Phasing
  • Ear Tapes - Position, Cut Length, Folding Width, Open Tape
  • Chassis - Cutout, Chassis Fold Position
  • Frontal Tape / Waistband - CD Position, MD Position, Cut Length, Folding
  • Cuff - Position, Dimension, Unfolded Cuff
  • Weld - Position, Strength, Missing Segments
  • Print - Position, Missing, Print Streaks
  • Glue - Elastic Count, Elastic Position, Glue Integrity, Advanced Glue Gun Analysis