AccuSentry develops the key software and hardware technologies that comprise the core of a Sentry 9000 inspection system. The system includes integrated components for deploying a fully automated inspection system on a factory floor. We deliver a total solution that is simple to implement for a wide range of applications.

Line Scan Camera

Line Light


Captures a single line of a pixel to build up a seamless two-dimensional image of the product from a continuous web on a high speed production line.

Provides laser-like illumination for a very narrow segment of the product, thus creating a uniform scanned image of the entire product.

Sends line trigger signals that are synchronized with the web movement to match the pixel size of the camera


Modular Interconnecting Architecture

  • Expand on demand by linking additional cameras

  • Maximum flexibility with up to 200ft cable length


Our systems are built to withstand the rigorous manufacturing environment. We use the best parts to ensure our system can fulfill the requirement of real-time image processing of our inspection solution.

Support Multiple Camera Applications

Seamless Integrate with PLC

Integrated LCD and Touch Screen Panel with External Monitor Support

Extensive Communication Protocols: OPC, TCPI, RSLinx, RS232, Ethernet IP, Modbus

control panel.jpg

Dual Integrated Interface

The Sentry 9000 software provides two different interfaces to cater to the varying needs of a factory environment. The Operator interface provides quick glance of the production parameters and general tools of troubleshooting while the engineering interface provide a more in depth access into the inspection process.

Operator Interface

  • On startup, the system automatically enters operator interface

  • Each element of the interface are customizable

  • Easy to understand

  • Designed to visually show the most relevant information

opeartor interface.png
engineering interface.png

Engineering Interface

  • Drag and drop graphical user interface

  • Seamless multiple camera integration in a central place

  • Organize tools into tasks, folders, and subroutines.

  • Conditional execution of inspection tools.